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I’m a student in Zhejiang Wenling high school in China.I want to talk about the future: that we all mankind can get a UBI.

I want to know if you can see the future I see.


The full name of UBI is universal basic income or unconditional basic income.It shows a vision that all mankind have the human rights to live in dignity, free from want.Because all man can get a UBI to guarantee basic living.



Discussions about UBI existed long time ago.We have a great admiration for the efforts of UBI by ancestors.


In the Autumn of 1986,BIEN(Basic Income European Network) was set up in Belgium.After its Congress in Barcelona (2004), BIEN extended its scope: now its name is Basic Income Earth Network.And it host a congress per year.



Today, automation is reducing the need for people in many jobs with technological advancements.As Ray Kurzweil claims, the singularity of artificial intelligence is near, and  the majority of mankind will become useless class. Under this background, UBI is widely discussed, even is supported by tech capitalists. It is a telling symbol that Y Combinator, the famous startup incubators in silicon valley, have began the Oakland experiment and sponsored the 17th BIEN congress in Lisbon.


I have long concerned about UBI, and I have some ideas for it.Association for the Promotion of UBI was set up by me in the summer of 2017.There are 4 members of colleges or universities, 1 menber of society and 2 members of senior high school.




We have built a website,’re also planning a periodical. In the future we’ll organize some activities. All we do is for the promotion of UBI.We communicate with BIEN this summer and some of us were invited to participate BIEN congress,in Lisbon, Portugal, September 25-27, 2017.
And now we have got a chair to introduce our project and the UBIC scheme.


About UBI,we have some basic concepts below(in fact these are the abstracts of our talks and the book to be published):

1. The handiwork of UBI: ultimate freedom, post-human era, and reconstruction of meaning

We sought to explore what the human nature will be and what the world will be like if UBI are fully implemented,so that we can search profound reasons for UBI,for why we stand here today.

humankind never stops pursuing freedom, and is always in a deep-rooted non-free state.Such freedom comes from that we have not reached a situation where each one cannot live a comfortable life without hard work, but has to live in a collective imagination, failing seeking the significance with taking his inner voice, that is, bank notes, companies and countries, which is thepre-meaning from the widespread and unavoidable social network,not the truemeaning of existence. People, faced with the pressure of being or survival, develop the bad habits of greed but never get free. However, I believe that UBI may enable humankind to be free finally.

UBI will enable humankind to enter the human era of the free humankind. Post human beings will obtain brand new psychic structure and social formation,which fascinates the human beings.

In the post-human era, the meaning tower constructed ever will collapse. All will re-investigate their own survival, which was searched by the “bored” philosophers in the past.


2. UBIC scheme: the design based on the perspectives of global integration and full automation

we believe the nature of UBI lies in globalization and automation. The automation mentioned today has approached a singularity, even not requiring the comprehensively mature artificial intelligence, The useless class will emerge definitely, taking a majority of human beings. This is a crisis undoubtedly. However, the useless class, faced with the globalization at present, do not appear in developed countries alone. On the contrary, people in poor areas will be divided into useless class by the modern world faster to a larger degree, and such a crisis will be more profound. This is a crisis undoubtedly. However, the useless class, faced with the globalization for the time being, do not appear in developed countries in a single form. On the contrast, the people in poor areas will be divided into the useless class by the modern world at a faster speed to a larger degree, and such a crisis will be more profound. If we do not envisage this fact, the world will be more unfair and unjust with more inundated crises. It is not a single country or area’s duty to realize UBI, but the world should design and implement the UBI scheme jointly in the perspective of globalization and full automation.

For the reasons above, we have designed the UBIC plan: inexpensive manpower, material resources and land in underdeveloped areas are used to construct UBIC to enable the qualified people to be UBICERS, who are allowed to lead good lives without taking any work. Of course, this is just a simplified description.

This plan may promote the globalization and full automation, speed up the world’s UBI from all grounds, help the poor areas to keep up with UBI, and facilitate the human beings preparing the upcoming post-human era. UBIC is a reality-oriented idea not a groundless tale.