What’s UBIC sheme

UBIC scheme: the design based on the perspectives of global integration and full automation

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we believe the nature of UBI lies in globalization and automation. The automation mentioned today has approached a singularity, even not requiring the comprehensively mature artificial intelligence, The useless class will emerge definitely, taking a majority of human beings. This is a crisis undoubtedly. However, the useless class, faced with the globalization at present, do not appear in developed countries alone. On the contrary, people in poor areas will be divided into useless class by the modern world faster to a larger degree, and such a crisis will be more profound. This is a crisis undoubtedly. However, the useless class, faced with the globalization for the time being, do not appear in developed countries in a single form. On the contrast, the people in poor areas will be divided into the useless class by the modern world at a faster speed to a larger degree, and such a crisis will be more profound. If we do not envisage this fact, the world will be more unfair and unjust with more inundated crises. It is not a single country or area’s duty to realize UBI, but the world should design and implement the UBI scheme jointly in the perspective of globalization and full automation.

For the reasons above, we have designed the UBIC plan: inexpensive manpower, material resources and land in underdeveloped areas are used to construct UBIC to enable the qualified people to be UBICERS, who are allowed to lead good lives without taking any work. Of course, this is just a simplified description.

This plan may promote the globalization and full automation, speed up the world’s UBI from all grounds, help the poor areas to keep up with UBI, and facilitate the human beings preparing the upcoming post-human era. UBIC is a reality-oriented idea not a groundless tale.


Here comes the detailed information of UBIC:

 Its basic assumption is:

Undeveloped regions will provide land and man force while the wealthy governments, individuals as well as related organizations as a union will finance the project and set up UBIC on the land provided, including necessary infrastructure and houses etc. By doing this, it can increase job opportunities and boost the local economy in a short time.

Once accomplished, remove a certain number of qualified people as citizens. UBIC will provide them each with sufficient money to lead a comfortable life and allow or encourage them to remain unemployed, thus their purchasing local goods will to some extent become a source of economic income for the local continuously.

Most importantly for sure, we hope that this project will provide sustainable growth for the local, namely, besides the short-term and long-term jobs UBIC can provide, once those undeveloped regions can use the initial income as a springboard to develop its own industrial system, they will accelerate modernization and get rid of poverty and sufferings.

What is needed to point out is that UBIC is a “closed” (conceptual not hypostatic) region and security and peace will be our primary concern. That is to say, to design and build with the principle of intelligent city and only non-residents who reach the requirement will be allowed to pay a visit to avoid turmoil.  

The design of the UBIC is to face the future and pay attention to make the eco-environment sustainable, which is to conform to the theories of Eco city, intelligent city, sharing economy and smart home to achieve high quality of life with low emission. I think it’s entirely feasible. For example, in terms of traffic, we can use fully automated driving on standardized roads which is easily attained with current tech. Built on such a high level, I think it won’t be that hard in UBIC as in the world now.

The construction of UBIC will base on volunteerism. In other word, the “landlords” and the investors can choose to join the project or not by complete self-will. The only caveat is that “landlords” should not only provide land but also pursue the principles of free market economy while the investors should pursue a more open foreign policy, or, we can say, immigration policy.

By doing so, on one hand, undeveloped regions can accelerate the economic development; on the other hand, the world market will be more able to expand as UBIC can enable people to break away from poverty and with the ability to consume more. Meanwhile, with a more open immigration policy, the speed of population flow from poor to the rich regions will pick up in chasing a better development. The fairer, the less disputes.

I am firmly convinced that the practice of UBIC will not only promote the progress of UBI but also eliminate intolerance and prejudice by raising people’s awareness of the globalization and dispelling the feeling of marginality in people of undeveloped regions. The UBIC will genuinely put these regions in the center of the world’s attention and change the human history of imparity and illiberality while embrace a truly liberal future. UBIC will finally accelerate the whole process of globalization.

Below are some key questions that may need further explanations:

1.       Q : Why the investors will fund UBIC?

A :  High techs like Automation and artificial intelligence have foretold a future where a high proportion of human beings will be turned into a member of useless class. Crisis will sure to come if we remained our inaction.

It is high time that rich countries consider denationalize the welfare, applying the relevant expense to support the construction of UBIC. As a matter of fact, they can actually transfer those in need to UBIC. Given the price level difference, if we don’t count the initial construction cost, it will cut down the expense to a great extent. I suggest that we can distribute the portion depending on the specific money each government funds. (P.S: to welfare clients only and personal application shall not be prohibited by the portion).

I’m fully convinced that UBI will take its seat finally. However, the circumstances won’t allow an overall UBI, so we either accept the UBI completely or suspend the process of UBI. Regional UBI, which works on the entire human beings instead of personal income is fairly feasible, is to be presented as UBIC. If rich countries were to build and run the UBIC on their own lands, the expense would be out of range. Reversely, if built in undeveloped countries, the cost will be much lower. As a result, UBIC is a market-oriented scheme in nature.

2.       Q : What’s the entry criteria of UBIC?

A :  In my assumption, UBICERS should receive special education which aims to eliminate pernicious habits people tend to behave in illiberal state. In this situation, illiberal state refers to where people need to struggle to make a living. Strictly speaking, it’s a social phenomenon and requirement for them to do so. Consequently, I define people who needn’t as truly liberal.  

As to the pernicious habits people tend to behave in illiberal state, we can take their attitude towards public goods or services as an example to make a better understanding. I believe that these habits can be improved in time by giving them genuine freedom and UBIC can provide them maximum liberty unlike Utopia or some practices in early China.

Scientists tend to have a pessimistic view toward humanity, so we can also treat this as a social experiment, in that case.

In a nutshell, the entry criteria of UBIC are to act according to the principles when human are truly free.

3.       Q: Aren’t UBICERS social moths?

A:  Firstly, UBI is a definite future where UBICERS will present the main body of social population. Hence UBIC can be treated as a progressive measure and has its own system of value.

Secondly, the existence of UBICERS prohibits the expansion of inequality. As a result, they can be seen as the charitarians of the society.

Thirdly, referring to the ancient Greek, we should be confident at the brilliant civilization UBICERS will bring us.

4.       Q: Why “landlords” should offer land?

A: land should be made profits as much as possible, and UBIC conforms to this norm. I believe the promotion of UBIC will vanish the state concept as well as intolerance.

5.       Q: Can UBIC make any other sense?

A:  UBIC is a big social experiment both in psychology, economy, technology and the promotion of UBI.

To expand its meaning in UBI, while a proportion of the population in rich region join the UBIC which finances the construction of UBIC, once the welfare is fully canceled, the inefficiency caused by slacking off will be decreased. Because UBIC cut down on some of the man force, non-UBICERS have to raise their work efficiency with the same population to support.

6.       Q: Where is the construction money from?

A:  Governments, individuals, taxes on robots (to be discussed) etc.

    Discussions above can basically cover the question. As for the world’s billionaires, they would also be willing. These people are fond of charity work, but I think UBIC can act a far more important role than charity, even better than the investment in medical researches which cost a lot but with little return.

The taxes on robots will be a bit more complex for the concern that the measure may slow down automation, which then goes against the UBIC’s motivation. However, UBIC really needs consequent financial resources and we need to find a balance point.

7.       Q: What’s the execution efficiency of UBIC?

A: Compared to the assistance towards Africa, UBIC is a market-based or rather comer-based solution, thus will have better efficiency.

Basing on the assumption above, we put forward the basic frame work of UBIC and we will need more discussion to make further improvements.

  1. The world should make joint effort in maximum the effect of UBIC.
  2. Relevant countries should have a more open immigration policy as well as conform the principles of free market economy.
  3. Every country can attain its UBIC portion according to its national conditions and contributions.
  4. Applicants of UBICERS should transfer all its prosperities to the UBI Union and take required courses to make sure that they can behave according to the principles of liberal human beings.
  5. The grown-up offspring of the UBICERS should be treated as non-UBICERS.
  6. UBICERS should provide certain amount of labor to the world community.

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